We place brackets on retained or misaligned teeth for the orthodontist.

It can happen that during tooth eruption not all permanent teeth reach their final position (occlusal plane). In those cases, we work closely together with orthodontists to achieve the best results.

Retained teeth should not remain in the bone. They can form cysts and lead to misalignment and malocclusion. In many cases, it is possible to expose these displaced teeth through a small surgical procedure. By applying a bracket and through orthodontic treatement, in most of the cases the tooth can be integrated into the right position.

If a permanent tooth needs to be removed, in some cases a separate tooth, such as a wisdom tooth, can be transplanted to the site of the missing tooth, substituting the latter. To succeed, certain conditions must apply, including an incomplete root growth of the tooth to be transplanted. We are happy to advise you on the various treatment options during our consultation hours.