Our goal is the complete removal of a skin tumor without leaving visible scarring in your face. 

The removal of skin lesions on the face is becoming increasingly more important. Inherited or developed pigmentation and growth must be assessed for malignancy. At the same time, they are less tolerated on people's own skin. The removal from the face should be done in such a way that it leaves as few as possible visible scars. This requires extensive, specialized skills during both, the assessment and therapy.

Intensive sun exposure causes malignant skin cancer. This affects the face, including the nose and ears. The assessment and complete professional removal of these tissues is of crucial, possibly of vital importance. In doing so, we work closely with specialists who microscopically examine the tissue and examine for abnormal cells. During this same procedure, the complete removal as well as the prevention of a recurrence of the skin change is assessed.

For those diseases, both the aesthetic recovery after removal and the long-term tumor aftercare are a focus of our treatment spectrum. If required, complete parts of the face are reconstructed in our practice by means of artificial facial parts (epitheses and obturator prostheses).

The desire for immaculate beauty leads to an increasing demand for cosmetic surgery. We offer comprehensive consultations to discuss the wishes of the patient and set up a precise diagnosis as well as treatment options. For more information, see cosmetic procedures.