The removal of a non-sustainable tooth is one of the most common surgical procedures in our practice. The reasons for removal are manifold and the procedure in our practice is always as minimally invasive as possible.

One area of our focus is the removal of wisdom teeth as well as destroyed, inflamed teeth including cysts.

Since teeth, especially wisdom teeth, often lie near nerves or the maxillary antrum, the removal can be a discomfort for the patients. As specialised surgeons and through our experience, we are can carry out a speedy and professional tooth removal. This generally means less pain and swelling for our patients. Due to our routine, we can usually avoid possible consequential damage. Some patients require our extensive experience and attention in special treatments because of additional general conditions and resulting medications (e.g., anticoagulant drugs, bisphosphonates). Essentially, for every tooth extraction our focus is on preserving the bone structure as much as possible. In case the extracted tooth will be replaced by an implant at a later stage, a process can be put in place to prepare the gap during that same procedure ("socket preservation"). A careful and clever planning, usually, allows for a temporary gap closure so that you do not have to leave our practice with a “gap”. Such questions can be discussed with your dentist or us beforehand.

You will find information material on surgical extraction of wisdom teeth here: