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Praxis Q213
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Kurfürstendamm 213 in Berlin Charlottenburg is the established home of 3 doctor´s practices with several independent specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

As experienced maxillofacial and oral surgeons, we are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth, jaw and face. Our field of expertise between medicine and dentistry is characterized by a close cooperation with the referring doctor and dentist with whom we work closely and who trust our standard of excellence in personalized care. As part of this collegial cooperation, we provide exclusive surgical and diagnostic services.

We are usually recommended by your doctor or dentist, who will refer you to us for further diagnosis or surgery. Through our years of experience, we can advise you extensively and operate successfully. Of course, you are also welcome without a referral. We would be happy to consult you with your surgical issues or for a second opinion.

Please note that we focus on surgery, neither perform general dental procedures (such as professional teeth cleaning, restorations, bridges, etc.) nor carry out general and primary care activities (such as taking blood, ECG and ENT or screening examinations). For these specific treatments, we would kindly ask you to consult your doctor or dentist.

Every single doctor in our house has its own patients and referral doctors. That way we can ensure that, every patient has a dedicated contact person and team, which is helpful for both, the patient and the referral colleagues. Furthermore, the close collaboration in-house  gives us the opportunity to feed off each other’s experience and specializations, which allows for a seamless treatment experience for our patients. This is especially helpful in cases of emergencies and annual leaves / holidays.

Awarded the seal of quality DIE GRÜNE PRAXIS

We think sustainability is a journey with steps and tasks that need to be redefined every day. This is what we do for our practice.


We treat over 6,000 medical procedures every year including implants, wisdom teeth removal or skin cancer surgery.

X-ray for diagnosis

We use low-radiation X-ray to perform 2D as well as 3D recordings. Find out more


Dental implants, meaning "artificial tooth roots" anchored in the jawbones, are established procedures for substituting lost teeth or for anchoring dentures. Implant placement and integration, even in an anatomically or medically difficult situation, are two of our core competences. Find out more

Bone Augmentation / Reconstruction

A bone augmentation may be required before or together with the implantation procedure. As the optimal implant position may not always have a sufficient local jawbone structure for a tooth replacement. Successful bone augmentation makes the jawbone strong enough to support the dental implant. Find out more


Better aesthetics and robust teeth can be reached by our periodontal surgery. Find out more

Microsurgical Root Tip Resection

Root tip resection is a surgical procedure for tooth preservation. It is indicated when inflammations at the root tip of the tooth persist despite a root canal treatment at the dentist. Find out more

Surgical tooth removal

The removal of a non-sustainable tooth is one of the most common surgical procedures in our practice. The reasons therefore are manifold and the procedure in our practice is always as minimally invasive as possible. Find out more

Surgical integration of displaced teeth and tooth transplantation

We place brackets on retained or misaligned teeth for the orthodontist. Find out more

Maxillary sinus treatment

Chronic maxillary sinusitis is often caused by inflamed teeth. We can diagnose and treat this illness. Find out more

Plastic skin surgery / Cosmetic surgery

Our goal is that you do not notice the removal of a skin tumor or that you just look great after a cosmetic surgery. Find out more

Cosmetic Facial procedures

Everyone has a very individual idea of beauty. Whether Botox or Lifting, we advise you as specialists. Find out more

General anesthesia and sedation

If you do not want to listen to the operation or the fear is too great, you can sleep during the surgery find out more


We are very happy and proud to have a team of employees who have worked with us for many years. As personnel changes can occur occasionally, we look forward to having you onboard.


We train dental assistants. We also welcome student interns. We offer visiting physician opportunities and clinical traineeships to dental and medical students.